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Upload your own intake forms

Here is a registration link to watch how to upload your own intake forms with templates.

Here are some of the webinars we have done recently.  They are prerecorded and available on demand.  Just click the link.
New Features for 2019

Discharge feature changes

HI there,


We have changed the discharge feature to be like assessments and treatment plans.

You will go to the Ind tab

Click on the discharge summary tab

then off to the right of the name, you will see new or if you have one already you will see the number of discharges.


We made it this way so it's visually available to see if one has been created.

Pre-Registration links for websites

If you have a website not managed by Therasoft, you may need to update the Register Online link.  For added security, the content of the links has changed. If your Register Online tab is not working you will need to update the link.


To find the new link to send to your webmaster:

1.  Go to Individual\New Client.  

2.  Select the yellow Send Pre-Regn Link button in the upper right

3.  Copy the link from the Pre-Regn Link field

4.  Paste into an email or message to your webmaster.


We are in process on updating the websites we manage.

If you have any questions, let us know.



As of January 1, 2019, we will be increasing the website management cost to $30\month.  This is due to rising security costs. You will see the increase on your January invoice.
If you have any questions, please give us a call at 888-435-8203.
Therasoft Team - 12/07/2018

New Delete Appointment Button on Registration

There is now a Delete Appointment button on the client registration page.  This is intended to be used when a patient dies or is discharged.  Selecting this button will remove all future appointments from the calendar.  This does include appointments for a later time that day.


If you have any questions, call our support line at 888-435-8203.


-TSO Staff

Therapist view calendar and changes to the name of New Therasoft calendar

Hi there,


We are looking at phasing out the New Therasoft Calendar, you will see we also changed the name to just Therasoft Calendar as its been some years and its no longer a new calendar.

We are planning to move that Calendar off production by February we are enabling features under the Therapist view calendar that fits with the Therasoft Calendar

Here are the things we have moved or changed so far.


We highlighted the New client button to green.

We moved over the Quick add button and highlighted that green as well.

We also added a checkbox to look at the hours that are outside of your business hours (this was a lot of the reason for the other calendar) this way if you add an appointment at 2 am and meant to do 2 pm you can click this button and find that appointment that is not correct and change and fix without having to go to another calendar.


We are also adding a small calendar to find a specific day to the left side of your screen and also a list of clients for that day so you are able to click on the client's name and go to the registration page, very excited about this and the new look.


Let us know if you think of any other changes that would help the workflow of your day.

You can submit a ticket.


Therasoft Team


Helpful information if you are having issues with Therasoft

Did you know that Chrome Browser is our preffered browser?

This is our most interactive fewer browser issues.


Did you know that cleaning your PC or Apple is a real thing?

At least once a month clean your computer by clearing your history and cache.

You can always do a browser search, for example, how do I clear my cookies using Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari etc.


Did you know that you can not log in to Therasoft in the same browser even with two usernames that are different this can cause serious side effects?

If needed you can log in two different ways but use one in let's say for example Firefox under Petra and then under Chrome use Petra again.

Did you know you can have more than one tab open here are the steps

1. Click on Ind tab, you will then get your menu options, right click with your mouse and open another tab, you can then open the insurance tab and do the same thing (so no need to login twice in the same browser.


If you are having login issues make sure to shut down your computer, clear your history, don't autosave passwords, and then try again.




11/1/2018 NEW CPT codes for Testing Effective Jan 1 2019

Check out our Knowledge-base for the new codes added for testing starting Jan 1, 2019

Here is also the link to watch the webinar as well.

Client portal

Did you see we made changes to the client portal?

Check it out >> Client Portal







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