10/21/21 - Merchant Support Center Self-Service Site Now Available

Merchant Support Made Easy
Quickly get answers to questions with the merchant support center's self-service site. Merchants can simply go online to get help whenever, wherever without picking up the phone. This online resource allows merchants easy access to up-to-date information on payment devices, products, account management and more.

10/08/2021 - Msg from Change Healthcare regarding a Provider, Payer and Vendor Vision Change

10/06/2021 Copy and Paste Feature issue FIXED

We apologize for the inconvenience and disruption to your work-flow.  There was a change made in the system recently that disabled the right click menu in order to prevent opening a second Therasoft window.  The reason is because having more than one session of Therasoft open at a time in the same browser causes issues with data not saving correctly or being overwritten.  I've asked the developers to re-enable the right click and Copy option, and just disable the ability to open a second window instead.  So hopefully this will be back to normal by tomorrow.  For now, you can still copy/paste in Therasoft using 'keyboard shortcuts' Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v.  
To copy - highlight the text you want to copy using your mouse, then on your keyboard hold down the Ctrl key, and press the letter C.
To paste - put your cursor where you want to paste the text, then on your keyboard hold down the Ctrl key, and press the letter V.
Replace Ctrl with the Command key if you are using a MAC computer.
We will notify you as soon as the option has been restored.

09/30/2021 Aetna Notice that just came out about Eobs and Payment

Therasoft Customer,


You may have gotten a notice from Aetna or other payers about EOBS and that you are required to signup through Availity, if you are getting the eobs in Therasoft please do not sign up for Availity eobs, this will cause your eobs to not come into Therasoft, we do suggest signing up for ACH direct deposit. If you have done so already, please send a ticket so we can get you the forms to transfer back to ChangeHealthcare and Therasoft.



09/30/2021 Clicking on another Tab within Therasoft to open another page

Hi Therasoft Customers!

We wanted to give you a heads up just in case you are one of those users that click on a tab within Therasoft and request another tab to open in another area within Therasoft, we are disabling this feature in the system, we do suggest opening a new tab and using another URL within the same browser, for example, www.therasoft.com or www.therasoftonline.com or you can use another Browser like Firefox, etc, we have disabled this because there have been known issues for notes not to save or data that you entered into the system to not be updated correctly, another example you are taking a credit card payment and it will post to the wrong account, so for accurate data to be placed we did request this restriction.


If you have any questions let us know this should be out for deployment this next week. 

Therasoft Team

09/30/2021 Do you do groups within your organization? Check out this video and PDF on how to complete within Therasoft

Therasoft Customer,

Do you do groups within your company?

Here is an article that will have a video and a PDF on how to setup 

Click here to see the article with the PDF and Video


Let us know if you have any questions by submitting a ticket.

Click here to submit a ticket!

09/27/2021 Exciting news from Therasoft

We just wanted to notify you that we have added a few things this week.

1. We added a pencil next to the deposit account so you can write notes in regards to the funds in this account.

2. Over the last 10 years we have heard that when you change your prices in Therasoft it won't update any future sessions that are already scheduled, good news is that we have added a button to update future costs in the session catalog once you change the price.

3. When a client is made inactive or discharged, Therasoft will automatically delete future sessions on the calendar, to avoid clients showing up when they do not have an appointment and the user has forgotten to delete the sessions in the future.


4. Added the Copy from Previous button to the Therapy Progress note.


Let us know if you have any questions.

9/2021 Reference Guide on Tips for utilizing Therasoft





1. RECOMMENDED BROWSER - GOOGLE CHROME GCdrmFO2Lg4q5V0FTr7fVT8b36M0kLIq4M68p1n3GZrllv-MBo2QXfwllAKTmGWg0-O-gB6907oRBUpHs3y5vX1S97BIdqbQW0gAg5u0QAOgmFGRjRYyKYghk_ZjDllkQxXOs39T=s0 

It is very important to only have one session of Therasoft open at a time.  

Having multiple sessions open, in multiple tabs or windows, can cause problems with data not saving correctly or being overwritten.  Also advise against using the back arrow in the browser to return to the previous page.  

2. CLEAR BROWSER HISTORY ulbZIcJBE24Xq_78cpa69ZcaIASUaDb6FWJgFxK3BFG3RcenbYF9V_awuz3WO6WUp0ATfiaG7Wo5M2B2CEJ9b7TTtQ-4DzKPawG-b6dObk2_IojgwshiF1cxjEHwLNuUPn4N5oir=s0 

The system is updated every weekend so it’s a good practice to start the week by clearing out your history.  Instructions are listed here  

The LOG OUT button in the top right corner helps clear browser history when you exit Therasoft.  

3. LOG IN = HTTPS://THERASOFTONLINE.COM7iaFFza7HR6yyf8TPkQn-PvTtiamx_JsfeHTvFUYK-sVQmnhgpYkvoDw3KO63EDNhhYyDJOxWvC7KYSJNtsEsH5MnCtk_g2JTkBwi830tsWkI_6sW2FXCjEVaYJwaUiD1ZHVhCAR=s0 

Use therasoftonline.com rather than therasoft.com. You can click the link above or you can type the URL  directly into the address bar. To save it as a Bookmark just click the star  


4. BROWSER & SITE SETTINGS hJR5Iih9OLq8-m3Ade__RuOLlB8MH3UlEZh0snh6zMlzh5WQwPt2duIlrzrDJqLUjcWj7GR06jfZ7GD6k5KzHf4Jb961uXC7dZjvjKMXESyO-RnixPfIKCL-639qXdNKTG5vy1bc=s0 

Enable Pop-ups and redirects by clicking on the padlock in the address bar and then selecting Site Settings. Find and select the option for pop-ups and redirects and set it to Allow.  


5. TRAINING & SUPPORT LINKS oK59ztCH0Gy4WG7kQVIqSxFEbtxsMKKtbHIx0BMrZoDdVxY16x0mQfLpBJE9HH978RTPyi7o3KJtvIXj4kj_FeovyXug8j_zz784apDfhRzIVMSIFq4v_kmXfZAd2eQ_Evcv1KpK=s0 

☐ 8MDkdkYWQaG2NIXlevfD-GAZGPyPyfz97UmwBBsWIwQsTgsdHzdU1tSTp4nKIB6GStd1G1aqT7uDAJOlee_pwT1yswoVHIekU9geQyaGRMk29kMZ4sTrtlSFmRFGzHEnqtS76Hmg=s0



Therasoft Training Video Library


09/15/2021 Change Password has changed within the system

9/4/2021 Therasoft has added a new feature within the software, if you are logged into the system you will see your name up to the top of Therasoft if you click on the person Icon you will get a change password this will allow you to change at any time.


If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.

8/20/21 - Change Healthcare scheduled system maintenance

Change Healthcare will administer planned system maintenance according to the maintenance schedule below. During the maintenance, while downtime is not anticipated, the impacted applications may be unavailable.

Maintenance Schedule
Begin: Aug. 20, 2021, 9 p.m. CT
End: Aug. 21, 2021, 11 a.m. CT
(Duration of 14 hours)

What Do You Need to Do?
Please be advised of the maintenance and adjust your schedule or processes as needed. 

We appreciate your patience,

Change Healthcare

Are you checking to see if your claims are going through?

I wanted to reach out to our providers and just confirm that you are checking your Claims tab or (under the insurance tab, claim status)at the top of your Therasoft screen, did you know it will tell you your claim response status of the claim you sent within 48 hours?

Under this tab, you will see rejections and approvals for claims.

If you are getting rejections for enrollment please reach out to us so we can get you the paperwork to submit claims.

Not getting paid? Did you know that Therasoft also offers enhanced billing services to help you manage your claims and process your payments and even reach out to the payers to get claim issues resolved? Give us a call (888)435-8203 or send us a ticket if you would like to get more information in regards to this. Click here to send us a ticket request.



07/12/21 - If you are having issues with scheduling or viewing client registration pages....

Please log into therasoft using this address = https://therasoftonline.com and give it another try.  If you continue to experience issues please call us on the support line (888-435-8203) for further assistance.

6/30/21-Batch Claims sent on 6/18

On June 18th we sent a file to the clearinghouse and found that there was a batch of claims that had an error and the claims were not sent, we are going to re-batch the claims out. We found that there were errors with zip codes, please check your locations page and make sure that your zip code is in the 9 digit format. We are going to go through this batch and correct it on our end. Please remember to check this in your setup tab, locations, so this does not happen in the future again. 


Thank you,

Therasoft Team

06/27/21 - Payment Details button on View EOB page (! next to post button)

Payment Details button on View EOB page (! next to post button)

Yellow means there has been an overpayment.  If you click the Payment Details button (screenshot #1) you can move the patient payment to the deposit account (screenshot #2). This will allow you to post the payment from insurance.  Please note, the Post button will remain grayed out until the overpayment has been moved to the deposit account.

Green means you can post the insurance payment as you normally would.  You could also post a client payment from the deposit account if there is an available balance.

6/9/21 - Change Healthcare - Session Validation Failed Error Message

It is an issue with Change Healthcare's website.  They have provided the following URL to use while their IT department works to resolve the error.  You will use the same login information you normally use.  I recommend adding this link as a bookmark so it is saved in your web browser.  

URL = https://cihs.customerportal.changehealthcare.com/CIHS/


5/17/2021 Issue with Magellan claims

It looks Like The payer and the clearinghouse had a transaction problem.
Here is the message from them.
Subject: CLAIM DELIVERY - UpdateDate: 05/19/2021 LOB: Institutional/ProfessionalPayer(s): 

Topic:Dear Valued Customer,

Please be advised of this UPDATE to a CSA originally released May 10, 2021.

Some Magellan (01260, 12X27) claims are now rejecting at the payer with the following message:


On May 7, 2021, Change Healthcare identified a production issue related to Magellan Behavioral Health (01260, 12X27) claims. Claims for Magellan Behavioral Health were incorrectly rejecting for missing payer address May 3-7, 2021.

Change Healthcare corrected the rejection issue on May 7, 2021, and is currently working on reprocessing all affected claims.
Resolution Status:Efforts to resolve this issue are complete and normal processing is occurring.
Action Taken by Change Healthcare:All affected claims have been reprocessed to the payer and updated claim status messages are available.
Technical Information:Claim Delivery Update Thank You for your attention and cooperation,
Change Healthcare

CSA ID: 1-3NG3CQ7Production Issue(s): 1-3NBDP6I

You are currently viewing Version 3 of this communication.

05/15/2021 Zip code issue with Claims

If you found that your claims have been giving you an error for zip code make sure on your setup tab, locations tab that you have the zip code in this format 859011245 do not insert a dash after the first 5 digits, make sure to always check your Insurance, claim status and claim response each day.


05/03/2021 View eob page change

Good Morning,


You may have seen a new button on the Insurance view eob page.

We added an ! next to the post button.

You might see it yellow if the patient overpaid if you click on this yellow ! it will allow you to move the patient money into the deposit account and then apply the insurance payment all from this page. This will also gray out the post button until the client payment has been moved so there is no longer a negative balance.

You also might see the ! green as well next to the blue post button this will allow you to apply a a patient deposit account credit all from this page.

Check it out, let us know if you have questions in regards to this new feature.

Submit a ticket at the top of your screen and let us know if you would like a walkthrough of it!.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Therasoft team.


03/18/2021 - OpenEdge is now Global Payments Integrated

OpenEdge and the Integrated Channel of TSYS Combine to Form

FAQ gif



OpenEdge is now Global Payments Integrated- Click Here for More Informationhttps://www.globalpaymentsintegrated.com/en-us/FAQ

11/19/2020 - Check out our video library of useful videos that you might find helpful to your organization.

click here→ Therasoft Training Video Library click here

10/17/2020 - Therasoft

Good Morning Therasoft Family,

We did deploy some new changes today for example we added a brand new face to the client portal.

Here is the link, Click here

We did make some updates and added a new SEC button which we will then work with this week and test, then if you are interested in a faster more efficient way to get secondaries done please submit a ticket and we will get that added for you. We will get you added to our list once we have completed testing we will notify you after you have submitted a ticket that we have activated the lifesaver SEC button

Here is the link, Click here

Thank you for being patient with us this last month as we were adding a new server as well and did not deploy any changes, we should be back to normal operations of adding fixes and updates as needed.

We have spent endless hours this last week making sure that everything is loaded will work when its deployed, if you find that Therasoft is slow at first that is normal during deployment, and new changes once the feature loads you will be back to normal in the system if you come across anything please submit a ticket to us and we will look into this right away.

We apologize about our response times as we have been trying to stabilize the system and get the features that you like added to the system, we will spend the next week notifying you that we have made your changes requested, although we like to make every change that you would like sometimes we are just not able to do right away or not at all we think of the greater good of all customers before we create something new.

We will be working on a video of the Client portal so when your clients access the site it will have a brief overview of the things they can do, we will let you know when that is live and ready to go, we thought maybe this would help alleviate all the questions the clients might ask you, and free you up to do the things you love Therapy!

We have updated more features and we will be sending out another message of all the things we have done in the past few weeks soon.

Thank you for being the most outstanding customers a company could ask for!




Setting up new locations

Hi Therasoft Family,


I have had several companies this week contact me with claims problems


Here is what is happening is when a new location is setup under the setup tab in Therasoft the user is inserting the Ind NPI and not the Group NPI if you are credentialed with your group make sure that the location has your group NPI inserted on this page, the only time you will use the Ind NPI is if that is how you are credentialed as an ind provider and not a group, the personal NPI is inserted on the Setup tab, Counselor/ Staff tab.


I see this most common when a new location of Telehealth is created.


So if you are having claims problems with rejections of NPI problem make sure to check your location tab under setup and then also your counselor page.



Hope you have a wonderful week!



09/11/20 - SEC Button New Feature

Therasoft Family,


Good Morning,

You may see a new Lifesaver button today SEC at the top of your screen, we are working on this new feature and its not fully functional as of yet, we are working on a way for you to be able to queue up secondary claims from one page the ability to print out the HCFA and if there is an EOB in the system then you will be able to print those all out on one page.


The secondary's will only show if there has been a payment posted from the primary insurance.

We also added the ability to see all the Secondaries that have not been sent with a flag just to be able to see the queue as well.


Once it is fully functional we will send out another Announcement.


Thank you for bearing through this with us as this feature can only be deployed live and built from the live site to enhance this feature.


08/21/20 - If you're having trouble logging into Change Healthcare (aka emdeon)...

 If you're having trouble logging into Change Healthcare (aka emdeon) please open a new tab in your browser and go to access.emdeon.com to log in

08/17/20 - Session Validation Failed Error Msg for Search/Remits in Change Healthcare

Link to KB article with workaround

04/13/20 - myTherapist app permissions for camera and microphone

Please inform your clients if they are gonna use the mobile app that they go to their phone settings and go-to apps and then find myTherapist and allow Microphone and video.

click here to open the knowledge base article for instructions and screenshots that walk you through locating these settings.

03/31/20 - Upload your own intake forms

Here is a registration link to watch how to upload your own intake forms with templates.



04/06/20 - Telehealth CPT Code and Place of Service Setup Instructions

Telehealth CPT Code and Place of Service Setup Instructions


09/06/2021 - Office Closed Monday, September 6th

Our office will be closed on
Monday, September 6th
observance of the
Labor Day holiday.  

We will return to the office on
Tuesday, September 7th.  

An on-call staff member will be available 
for login issues or urgent requests. 

New Feature Spotlight! September 27, 2019

New Features added to Therasoft

September 27, 2019

Any new features added to the system will be announced here every Friday!


Items recently added to the system:

1.  Alphabetized Lists!

We have alphabetized more of our lists throughout the program.  This will allow you to find what you are looking for more easily.


2.  Separate Legal Gender and Preferred Gender!

Because insurance usually requires legal gender, we have separated these two items.  Legal gender is what needs to show on the claim, Preferred Gender is how the client defines themselves.  This field is triggered by the Gender Selection checkbox on the Company Info page (bottom left under Setup\Company Info).  We have tried to be as inclusive as possible.  If there is something missing, the Other selection will bring up a box to specify.


3.  Additional Sexual Orientation Options!

Again, we have tried to be as inclusive as possible. If we need to add something let us know.


4.  Guardian option in the Relationship drop-down for Family!

We have added a Guardian option in the Relationship drop-down on the family tab of the client's registration page.


5.  Number of Sessions!

The current month's and last two months number of sessions (that have been marked attended) will now display at the top right of your screen.  Admins will see the total for the company, users without the Admin flag will see their personal numbers.  The last two months number is the total of the last two months.


6.  Diagnosis field now available on the pre-registration page!

The Diagnosis code is now able to be entered on the Pre-registration page if needed.


Check back again next week for more new features!

New Feature Spotlight! September 13, 2019

New Features added to Therasoft

September 13, 2019

Any new features added to the system will be announced here every Friday!


Items recently added to the system:

1.  New Notes Life Saver button!

Located at the top right of your screen, this button will give you a heads up on progress notes.

 Notes - Progress Notes - Takes you to new tab a under Dashboard\Notifications named Incomplete Notes

Gray - No pending notes

Red - Missing notes

Yellow - Pending notes with an in-progress status

Green - Pending notes with Finish Status


Coming Soon: Automated Client Portal PIN


Check back again next week for more new features!

New Feature Spotlight! August 30, 2019

New Features added to Therasoft

August 30, 2019

Any new features added to the system will be announced here every Friday!


Items recently added to the system:


1.  You can now print the call list!

The Call List now has a print option.  We will be changing it to print in landscape, but it can be printed now.


2.  Send a payment link!

Under Individual\External Payments, you can send a link to your client for them to be able to pay you.  If External Payments is not in your menu, enter a help ticket and we will turn it on.


Coming Soon:  Chip reader credit card readers!


Check back again next week for more new features!

New Feature Spotlight! August 2, 2019

New Features added to Therasoft

August 2, 2019

Any new features added to the system will be announced here every Friday!


Items recently added to the system:

1.  Clients are now able to upload a new file in the Client Portal!

Your clients can now upload a file through the portal.  On the Documents tab within the portal, there is an Add New button in the upper left corner.  This allows clients to upload an image, or document file for you without having to go through email.  The portal setting allowing your clients access to the Documents page must be selected.


2.  Ready to Bill page updated!

We have done some fine-tuning on the Insurance\Ready to Bill page to improve functionality.