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Training Videos & Webinars
Client Check-in Mobile App
How to Upload Registration Documents
Recorded Training Webinars
Video Therapy
Video therapy instructions for clients
VidyoDesktop Installation Link and Instructions
Telehealth CPT Code and Place of Service Setup Instructions
Video therapy instructions for clinician
Simplifying Telemedicine CPT Codes for Billing Claims (GT? or 95?)
How to import your client Demographics
Attach Scanned Image of Insurance Card to Client Registration
How to setup locations, Counselors,Probation Officers etc.
Instructions for Supervisor Setup
How to send the pre-registration link or add a new client
Billing Statement Automation
Training Basics - How To Enter A Client
Add credit card transaction fee to client statement
How to add a new therapist/admin user to Therasoft.
Logging in for the first time - Verification Code
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Auto Reminder times for appointments
No Show/Cancelled Appts - How to mark them
Setting your appointment parameters on the Calendar
What do the colors on the Calendar mean?
Changing appointment details - 2 ways
How come I can't mark attendance or start a progress note from the calendar
Automatic Reminders not being sent
Colors for the background of the calendar for each provider
"You're not authorized to add to this calendar" message
How to modify the default message for automatic appointment reminders
How to email a Clinical Assessment
How to delete/view/edit a Progress Note
Customer Websites
How to set up Encrypted Emails
Website and Social Media Marketing
Secure email links
How to set up groups
Group Setup & Management
Insurance Billing
Adding New Insurance Carriers
Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing CPT Codes
Page Setup Settings for Printing CMS 1500 Forms
What does EDI, ERA and EOB stand for?
Emdeon Vision - Helpful Hints
Medicare Basics
Understanding Crisis CPT Codes (90839 and 90840)
Ready to Post - How to post a payment
Dual Eligible Beneficiaries
How to resubmit a claim
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Most commonly used reports:
Merchant Account
How to refund or void a credit card transaction
Billing, new credit card information
Testing your Credit Card Reader
Merchant Account Application
OpenEdge Contact Info
Behavioral Health & Credit Card-on-File Payments
OpenEdge View (Merchant Portal)
Access your Merchant account statement online
Chipper™ 2X BT Specifications
Therasoft Integrated Merchant Account

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Deleting Assessments and/or Treatment Plans Article rated 5.0/5.0
The client will need to have at least 2 or more assessments or treatment plans in order for the popup window to display.  
Turning Messages from TSO on and off Article not rated yet
When we create these Messages/Updates, we choose the appropriate audience, such as All, Company Contact, Admins, or Therapists. If you do not want to receive these Messages or if you would like to blo...
Submitting Suggestions Article not rated yet
We are always looking for ways to grow so your suggestions are extremely helpful for us. Of course we can't use EVERY suggestion right away but sometimes it gives us ideas for future improvements. To...
Email Payment Receipts to multiple emails Article not rated yet
Now you can send the payment receipt to multiple email addresses: Steps to add multiple Email IDs: - Go to the client's Registration page
Popup Blocker Article not rated yet
You may have noticed that when you click on some of the buttons in Therasoft, it seems like nothing is happening. This may have to do with your Popup Blocker. Areas that this may happen in could be th...
Steps for updating diagnosis Article rated 1.0/5.0
Steps on how to update diagnosis codes inside Therasoft:   1)  Select Individual/View Clients 2)  Locate the client and click on their name (blue text) to open the client registration page 3)  Select ...
Emailing treatment plan for Signature for client to sign Article not rated yet
1) Make sure that an email address has been entered in the Email ID field on the Registration page 2) Select the Treatment plan and open it 3) Click Save at the bottom of the first page
Looking for example intake docs Article rated 1.0/5.0
We have attached the intake docs as examples in a word doc, feel free to make changes and then send to us through our submit a ticket button.   Therasoft Support team.
Billing changes Article not rated yet
For any billing changes: Adding new providers Inactivating accounts or change in settings  Please follow these steps   You will have to be the account owner, go to the setup tab, go to Therasoft Billi...
Enable option for Client Feedback Article not rated yet
Are you interested in getting feedback from your clients? Here are the steps needed to add this feature Go to the setup tab inside of Therasoft, click the Feedback tab, You are able to insert up to 5 ...
How to upload/update intake documents Article not rated yet
1. Go to setup tab 2. Select on company info3. Select "Choose File"4. Add the description for the document.5. Select the file you want uploaded and click save (make sure that there are no spaces or sp...
Request a quote for Therasoft Managed Billing Services Article not rated yet
Complete Mental Health Billing Services
Configuring your web browser to allow pop-up windows Article not rated yet
Configuring your web browser to allow pop-up windows Most web browsers include a feature to block pop-u
Malwarebytes Article not rated yet
The most effective protection strategy starts with proactive prevention, but the best prevention approach won’t be found with a silver bullet. In fact, security experts advise against relying solely o...
Therasoft Terms & BAA Article not rated yet
If your account was mistakenly blocked from Hushmail Article not rated yet
Blocked for abuse, spam, or a terms of service violation?
How to access your email archive in hushmail Article not rated yet
  Email archiving      
Life Saver buttons Article not rated yet
Life Saver buttons! Located at the top right of your screen, these buttons give you a heads up on claims, text reminder responses, and announ
Malwarebytes Installation Instructions Article not rated yet
Click Install
Steps to clear browser data in Google Chrome Article not rated yet
1.  Click the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of the browser *if you are on a Windows computer you can simply hit the Ctrl key and the H key on the keyboard at the same time 2.  A History window...

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