Adding New Insurance Carriers

The most important part of adding a new Insurance Carrier to your list is to first verify the Payer ID to be used through Change Healthcare. You can do a lookup using the following link but remember that you may not find it by name and may need to call your Payer to obtain it from them.

Once you have obtained the Payer ID, go to the Setup option inside Therasoft, and select Insurance Carriers, click Add New and search by Payer ID. Make sure to complete the address and phone number.

Another important step... Click the Submit a Ticket button at the top of the page in Therasoft to let us know which Insurance Carrier you just added. We will then check if we need to put together any EDI and/or ERA paperwork for you.

EDI paperwork gives us the permission to submit your claims electronically. ERA paperwork allows you to receive your EOBs electronically instead of on paper, making those payments easier and quicker to post in Therasoft and eliminating paper tracking.