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Setting your appointment parameters on the Calendar


The items you will want to set:

1. Go to the Calendar

2. Select your name in the Counselor drop-down

3. Select the Setting button.

a. Select your Business hour start time from the drop-down.

1. This will be the earliest time shown on your calendar

b. Select your Business hour end time from the drop-down.

1. This will be the latest time shown on your calendar

c. Select your Default scheduler view from the drop-down

1. Day - Show only the current day

2. WeekDays - Show Monday through Friday only

3. FullWeek - Show all 7 days of the current week

d. Select your First day of the week from the drop-down

1. This will be the first day shown on your calendar if using WeekDays or FullWeek

e. Select to Display appointment tooltip or not

1. True - When you hover over an appointment a larger version of the appointment appears as a tooltip

2. False - When you hover over an appointment the tooltip version does not appear

f. Select your default Time per session from the drop-down - Can be changed, just the default

1. 60 Minutes

2. 45 Minutes

3. 30 Minutes

4. 15 Minutes

g. Height per slot (Display size of appointments)

1. Small

2. Medium

3. Large

h. Select whether to Separate odd and even days by color

1. True - Odd days will be a different color than even days

2. False - All days will show as the same color

i. Show counselor name on calendar appointment

1. True - Counselor name will be included on the appointment

2. False - Counselor name will not be included on the appointment

j. Click Save


NOTE: If you make an appointment outside of your set business hours, it will not show on your calendar until you go back and edit your start or finish time to include the appointment time.


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