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Enable option for Client Feedback


Are you interested in getting feedback from your clients?

Here are the steps needed to add this feature

Go to the setup tab inside of Therasoft, click the Feedback tab, You are able to insert up to 5 questions (your choice) and your clients will be asked to give a rating scale and add comments as well. 

You can do for payments and also counselor sessions. (feedback for admin and feedback from the client's session with the clinician) 

The payment feature will go out when you send a payment receipt by email.

The session feature will go out when attendance is marked.

The client can either answer the questions through an email link or in the client portal feature.

You as the counselor/admin staff can go in as well and add notes that you addressed the issue.

For the portal, each clinician has to go in and click the calendar tab, click portal setting and allow the Feedback feature.

To enable this feature you also have to go to the setup tab, counselor tab, click on the counselor name, and at the bottom of the screen to the right, you will see a checkbox that you need to mark as well, send session feedback.

If you don't have these tabs send us a support ticket to add this feature to your company.

Therasoft Team.


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