OpenEdge View - Accessing Credit Card Payment Transaction History and Reports

OpenEdge View is a secure, online reporting resource that serves as a central location for all OpenEdge merchants to process and track all types of payments. 

How do I access OpenEdge View?
Go to on your preferred browser. View will prompt you for username and password (sent during your installation appointment).

How do I view processed transactions or access reports?
After logging into OpenEdge View:

  1. Select Chain tab to enter a Chain Name

  2. Select the TRANSACTIONS tab

  3. Choose the Date & Time of the transactions you would like to view

  4. Under the Account section, press the SELECT button. Choose any desired Accounts and select the SAVE SELECTION button

  5. Additional search information may be entered as desired, such as Transaction ID, Amount, etc.

  6. Select the SEARCH button; the matching transactions will display


If you need to contact OpenEdge:

800.774.6462, Opt3  • Customer Service Number
800.774.6462, Opt 2  • Support Number
800.338.6614, Opt 4  • Installations Number