How to add and apply an insurance authorization

This can also be used to track EAP sessions if a certain number are free prior to needing an authorization.

To add an authorization for the client it is a 2 step process.  First, you must enter the Authorization for the client, and then you will need to apply it to the applicable appointments.


To enter an authorization into Therasoft:

1.  Go to Insurance\View Clients

2.  Find the client in the list

3.  In the Add New Auth column, select Add New on the line with the client's name

4.  Select an Authorization Start Date

5.  Select an AuthExpDate (make sure it is AFTER the start date)

6.  Enter the number of days prior to the expiration that you would like a warning

7.  If the authorization is for a specific service or billing code, select it from the drop-down

8.  Enter the number of approved units (or number of sessions)

9.  Enter the number of units at which you would like a warning that you are running out

10.  If the authorization is for a specific price, enter that price

11.  Select the payer (Can be Other if needed)

12.  Enter a payer contact if there is a specific contact

13.  Auth # on Calendar - This is what will appear in the drop-down on the calendar when applying to an appointment. It can be whatever will help you identify the correct one for the client  Required field

14.  Auth # on Claim - This is what will print on the claim, the number on the actual auth letter.  If there isn't one, use the same as what was entered at step 13.  Required field

15.  Enter any notes

16.  Upload a copy of the auth letter if desired

17.  Enter a user if needed

18.  Change the AuthDatetime if desired, otherwise leave as the current date

19.  Select Save


To apply the authorization to an appointment:

1.  Go to the calendar

2.  Either click to create the appointment or click to Edit the appt if already existing.

3.  Open the Authorization# drop down

4.  Select the authorization added above

5.  Save the change or finish making the appointment.

6.  Repeat if needed.