Clearinghouse: Change Healthcare

Clearinghouse: Change Healthcare

Therasoft works with our clearinghouse partner Change Healthcare to submit insurance claims and receive electronic remittance advice (ERA). Change Healthcare supports claim submission to over 2,000 payers nationwide, and any practice can enroll to submit electronic claims and receive ERAs through Therasoft at no additional cost. You can use the Payer List lookup to see which payers Change Healthcare works with

Role of the Clearinghouse

Whenever you submit an electronic claim through Therasoft, the claim is processed by our clearinghouse before it is sent to the payer. The clearinghouse reviews the claim for missing information or errors before translating the claim to the appropriate format for the specific insurance company. If the clearinghouse does detect any errors, they will reject the claim and push a notification into Therasoft to inform you that the claim was rejected. 

It can take about 24 hours for the clearinghouse to receive claims submitted through Therasoft and between 24 and 48 hours for the clearinghouse to review the claim and send it to the payer. Once in the payer’s hands, the amount of time the payer takes to process the claim and provide reimbursement varies. Many payers send updates on the status of the claim through the clearinghouse to Therasoft, including notifications that the claim was received, accepted into the adjudication system, or rejected for errors.


Contacting the Clearinghouse

Therasoft users typically do not need to interact with the clearinghouse. If you have an issue with a rejected claim or receiving ERAs, please contact the Therasoft support team, and we will contact the clearinghouse on your behalf.

Clearinghouse Costs


There is no cost to enroll to submit electronic claims or receive ERAs. With the appropriate enrollments completed, Therasoft charges A flat rate of $10 a month & $0.38 per electronic claim this also includes your ERA, which is less than the cost of a stamp.