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Website Information (Getting Started)

Here is a little information to get started with our websites. 

You can review our templates at

If you do decide that you would like us to build a website for you, you would send me the link to the template of your choice and I will have our developers create the website. I would also need to know what you would like your domain name to be (Ex: it's best to send a few, listed in order of choice in case the one that you would like most is not available. If you have a domain that you would like to keep, we could transfer that as well.  We will also need to know if you would like to have a blog on your website.

Once our developers have created the website I will notify you by sending you a preview of your site. From there, you would send me any changes or edits that you would like to see made and our developers would make them for you.

After the site goes live, our developer team will still make any changes or updates for you. Just let us know.

Your website package and monthly fee include purchasing the domain, building the website, the social media banners or pages, and any edits and updates to your website, when needed.

If you will be transferring your domain, please let me know if you have an attached business email (@yourdomain).
If you will be transferring your domain, please let me know if you have an attached business email (@yourdomain).

Please complete the order form by clicking here:  Website Order Form
Information to have for the form:
Your desired template
If you want a blog
If you want a Register Online tab
If you want a Client Portal tab
A couple domain names (if you don't already have one)
Contact me email address
Contact me phone number
Social Media options - just the banners, new Facebook, new Linked In, update of existing pages

Additional items to email me:
A headshot
An about me page (just a summary of who and what you do)
A list of services you provide.
Some pictures if you don't want the ones that are listed and the location for them. (You can find free ones on pixabay)
If there are any changes you need on any of the tabs, including the tab name.

If you would like banner images to add to your social media pages, let us know. If you would like us to create or edit your social media profiles for you, let me know which social media pages you are interested in (Business Facebook, Business Twitter, LinkedIn or Wordpress Blog). If we need to edit the pages, we will need some additional information from you.

An encrypted HIPAA compliant secure email account is included with Therasoft. If you would like me to set that up for you, let me know your preferred email username (EX: If you would like additional encrypted email accounts, the cost is $4/month for each additional email address beyond the initial account.

If you have any questions, let me know!
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