Ready to Post - How to post a payment

We are going to use a sample scenario. Let's say we received an EOB giving me the following information:

- Payer: United Healthcare

- Patient: John Smith

- DOS: 2/1/2018

- Ins. pays $50.00; Client Responsibility: $30.00; Write off:  $70.00

Now you go to Insurance, Ready to Post. 

1) Enter the date range for the Service Date (ex. 2/1/2018-2/28/2018)

2) Select United Healthcare from the Payer drop down and click Search

3) Type the client's last name in the LastName field on the right and click Go 

***You should now see this session and possibly several others on the screen.

Based on our scenario above:

1) The Amount should state $150.00 (add $50 + $30 + $70 above)

2) The Balance will say $150.00 as well if the client has not paid their portion or it will say $120, if the client has paid their $30.

3) Enter 50 into the Primary field

4) Enter 70 into the Write Off field

5) Hit Post

***If the client has not paid, you can now print the Client Billing Statement for them showing the $30.00 that they owe.