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Video therapy instructions for clients


Video Therapy Introduction


How do I get the client setup for video therapy? 

  1. Go to the Ind tab, View clients tab, click on the client name, this will open the registration page for the client, you will then see a tab in the middle of the page called Client/Portal/MyTherapist, go ahead and insert any code that is 4 digits there is no specific code required as long as there is 4 digits. Then you will click the send button make sure at the bottom of the screen there is a phone number and email in place.

  2. Therasoft will go ahead and take the steps once you click submit to send the information to the client on how they can login to the app or the client portal, your client will also get an email for the session and a link if they are not able to use the portal or the mobile app called MyTherapist I do suggest that if they can not find the app they search Therasoft since there are many platforms for video therapy.

How to schedule the session on your calendar?

  1. You will go to the calendar tab, click Therapist view, then click into the time in the calendar, you will then get the schedule popup window, you will see 4 options available-Personal, Group, Online, Individual (click on ONLINE)

  2. Then start inserting the client's last name etc.

  3. Once it is on the calendar you will then see a video camera that at the time of the session you as the clinician will click to get started (make sure your popups are enabled as well as your microphone and speakers), I will add the most common problems below.

(If for some reason your online button is not allowing you to schedule please submit a ticket and we will add this feature, most of our users already have this setting in place)


There are two ways you can connect:

  1. Through the desktop on your calendar by clicking the video icon
  2. You can download the Therasoft Mobile app and join through your mobile devices.

Three ways for the client to connect:

  1. Appointment email with a link and room pin to join (this email is sent at the time the appointment is scheduled on the calendar)
  2. MyTherapist Mobile app free download for android and iOS devices
  3. Client portal via web browser on laptop or desktop compter

The client will need to know last name dob and the pin that is assigned (which they get in the email from or  this is the email that will be the from address to the client so if your client did not get the email ask them to look for this email.

Also on the calendar reminder you can click the appointment alarm clock and see the message as well and you can actually just send to them from your email as well just in case.

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