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Life Saver buttons


Life Saver buttons!

Located at the top right of your screen, these buttons give you a heads up on claims, text reminder responses, and announcements from us.


TXT - Responses to automatic appointment reminders via text.

Gray - No new messages

Green - New reminder reply


MSG - Messages from Therasoft

Gray - No new message(s) from Therasoft

Green - New message(s) from Therasoft


Copay - Copays not collected - Takes you to the Individual\Payments page

Gray - No sessions that need copay to be collected

Green - All sessions with copay have been collected

Red - There are sessions that need to have copay collected


Claims - Claim status responses - Takes you to the Insurance\Claim Status page

Gray - No responses

Green - New claim status response

Red - New claim rejected response


EOB - Electronic EOBs\ERAs - Takes you to the Insurance\View EOB page

Gray - No EOBs

Green - New EOB(s) received

Red - New denied EOB(s) received

Yellow - New reversal received


Unbilled - Sessions without attendance marked or not yet billed to insurance - Takes you to the Insurance\Unbilled Sessions page

Gray - All insurance client sessions have attendance marked and have been billed

Red - Insurance client sessions without attendance or not yet billed

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