Missing EOBS/ERA

If you are finding that you are missing an era/eob then here is what we need you to do.

1. Contact the payer and ask to speak to the EDI department, ask them if they still have Change Healthcare as the clearinghouse to send the era files on record, if they do then follow these steps

Submit a ticket to Therasoft with this information

Check date

Check amount 

Check #

Carrier name.


2. If you are not approved to get eras/eobs go to this site https://access.emdeon.com/PayerLists/?_ga=2.222729886.401040687.1571891078-551720015.1570553144 to check to see if they are doing eras through Change Healthcare.

Once you find out that they do eras/eobs contact Therasoft with a ticket requesting to get the paperwork needed.