Steps to troubleshoot online sessions with zoom

Keep in mind these steps are just to narrow down the cause of the issue.  It is not necessarily required to complete these steps each time.
1.  Close out of all open browser windows (to start from scratch)
2.  Open google chrome and follow the steps listed here to clear browsing data
3.  Close Zoom desktop if open
4.  Log in to Therasoft.  Click on the padlock in the address bar and select Site Settings
5.  Make sure the options 1) Camera, 2) Microphone and 3) Pop-ups and redirects are all set to "Allow"
6.  Go back to Therasoft.  If prompted, click the blue Reload button at the top of the screen
7.  Go to the session on the calendar and click on the video camera to launch the session
8.  Click OK to start the video session.  Zoom should then open at this point.  

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