No Show/Cancelled Appts - How to mark them

1) If you DO NOT want to charge, then change the Status on the Calendar from Scheduled to No Show/Cancelled by Client or Cancelled by Counselor and leave the Service the same.
1.  Click on the Pencil for that appointment
2.  Change the Status
3.  Click Change
NOTE:  When this step is taken, the Billing Notes box on the Attendance page will have a yellow outline. Also note, that if you are on the Attendance page and that session is highlighted, the outline will turn red so that it stands out from the yellow highlighted session.
2) If you DO want to charge, change the Service of the session to No Show/Missed Appt/Cancelled and leave the Status as is (Scheduled).
  1. Go to the calendar and select the pencil to edit the appointment
  2. Leave the status as Scheduled
  3. Change the service to No Show/Late Cancellation
  4. Click Change
  5. Mark the session attended
1.  If you do not have a service of No Show/Late Cancellation or other non-billable CPT Code setup for No Shows, Missed Appts or Cancelled appt., then you will need to create one.
  1. Go to Setup\Session Catalog
  2. Select the 300 from the Billing Code drop-down
  3. Enter 300 in the Service Code field
  4. Enter the Description the way you would like it to appear on the Calendar (Ex. NoShow/Cancelled)
  5. Enter 0 in the Mins Per Unit field
  6. Enter your fee in the Cost Per Unit field
NOTE:   You can set up your fee as any amount and then simply change the Unit Cost on the Payments page, if your fees vary.