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How to add a new therapist/admin user to Therasoft.


1. Go to Setup, Counselor/Staff and click Add New

a. Counselor Code should be your company code, dash and first and last name of the person (Ex:  ABC-John Smith)

b. Add the First Name, Last Name, Location, Address, Phone Number, Unique Email, NPI (if therapist)

c. Select the Settings button on the bottom left

1. Select the Access level

a. Admin Only

b. Therapist with Admin Access

c. Therapist with view of assigned clients only

2. Select Report access

a. User with all reports

b. User with limited reports

3. Select a current user to use as a template

a. Select a current user in the Setup with settings like drop-down

4. Enter a setup date (Typically the day submitted)

5. Enter the name of the person requesting the new user

6. Click Continue and select Save

7. NEW STEP: Owner of the practice must go to Therasoft billing page and enter a change request to approve the new user. Once we receive the approval we will add the user.


NOTE:  We will automatically receive an email about the new user.  After receiving the change request from the owner (Step 7), we will set it up and email the login and password to the new user’s email and the email of the person requesting the new user.  


NOTE2:  When setting up a new user, the email for that user must have NEVER been used for Therasoft verification before.  If the practice has only a general email address, use a personal email until after the verification.  You can then change the user's email address to the general email address.


*If there are any problems with the access, the owner can submit a change request.


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