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a) Company Billing Export Report (Under Miscellaneous Reports) - Shows you which claims you have and haven't submitted, the claim date and which ones have and have not been paid. We recommend that you use this monthly to stay on top of your paid and unpaid claims.

1) Enter the client Last Name, select it as it comes up
2) Enter the session start and end date
3) Select Print Statement with Zero Balance to show sessions that have a $0 balance as well as those with a positive balance
4) Select Credit Card Info if you think they might pay you by Credit Card
5) Select Print Deposit A/C Balance if they have something in their Deposit Account and you want them to be aware of that
6) Select Print Session Description if you would like it to say ex. Ind. Therapy instead of just Session
7) Then click Generate and choose Print to print it out

b) No Claims (Under Miscellaneous Reports) - Sorts by claims that have and have not been submitted so you can see if you have forgotten to submit some claims.

c) Super Bill Report (Under Billing Reports) - If you do not accept insurance or are out of network, you can print this report for your client to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement.

d) Client Billing Statement (Under Billing Reports) - Shows the session cost, client payment, insurance payment, write off, balance and if the insurance is still pending.

e) Receivables Aging Detail/Summary (Under Miscellaneous Reports) - Shows total amounts due in 30 day increments.

f) Company Transaction History - Shows all transactions for specified date range.  Good to provide for end of year to provide accountant with revenue.

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