Setting up your Client Portal and myTherapist app permissions

How to set up the Client Portal and myTherapist app permissions:
  1. On the Calendar, select your name in the Counselor drop-down.
  2. Select the Portal Settings button.
    1. Select your Business hour start time from the drop-down.
      1. This will be the earliest time clients can schedule an appointment to start
    2. Select your Business hour end time from the drop-down.
      1. This will be the latest time clients can schedule an appointment to end
    3. Select your Default scheduler view from the drop-down
      1. Day - Show only the current day
      2. WeekDays - Show Monday through Friday only
      3. FullWeek - Show all 7 days of the current week
    4. Select your First day of the week from the drop-down
      1. This will be the first day shown on your calendar if using WeekDays or FullWeek
    5. Select if you want to Display Appointment Tooltip
      1. This will pop out a larger version of the appointment
      2. True
      3. False
    6. Select your default Time per session from the drop-down
      1. 60 Minutes
      2. 45 Minutes
      3. 30 Minutes
      4. 15 Minutes
    7. Select whether to Separate odd and even days by color
      1. True - Odd days will be a different color than even days
      2. False - All days will show as the same color
    8. Enter the number of days prior to the appointment a session can be scheduled by the client
    9. Enter a check to Allow current day appointment scheduling, if desired
    10. Select which days of the week to allow appointments to be scheduled
    11. If desired, enter a Client Notification Message
      1. The client will see this message when making an appointment on the portal
    12. Select a restriction to reschedule
      1. This will restrict how close to the scheduled appointment a client can reschedule
    13. If desired, enter a Message to reschedule
      1. This is the message the client will receive when attempting to reschedule through the portal
    14. Make Appointment - Check if you want clients to be able to schedule through the portal
    15. Online Appointment - Check if you want clients to be able to schedule an online video therapy appointment
    16. Confirm Appointment - Check if you want the client to be able to confirm the appointment through the portal
    17. Disable Decline Appointment - Check if you would like to disable the client’s ability to decline an appointment through the portal or myTherapist app
    18. Messages - Check if you want clients to be able to send and receive messages through the portal
    19. Documents - Check if clients should be able to send and receive documents through the portal
    20. Assessments - Check if clients should be able to fill out assessments through the portal
    21. Intake paperwork - Check if the client should be able to read, sign and fill out intake paperwork through the portal
    22. Feedback - Check if you would like to get feedback from the client through the portal
    23. TSecure Client Message Notification - Check how you want the clients to receive notification of a TSecure message to be viewed in the portal
      1. Email
      2. SMS
    24. Make a Payment - Check if you have a merchant account through us and you want your clients to be able to pay online
    25. Message to Payment Information - Message clients will see when paying online through the portal or myTherapist app
    26. Client Checkin Notification - Select if you want a notification when the client checks in if you use the Client Checkin app.
      1. True
      2. False
    27. Click Save

Once you have completed the client portal settings on the calendar now it is time to get the clients setup to be able to access the portal


  1. Go to the Individual tab
  2. Go to the View clients tab
  3. Click on the client's name
  4. Make sure there is an email and mobile # on the bottom of the page under the address area
  5. Then go to the middle of the page and you will see Client Portal My Therapist
  6. Click that tab
  7. Then insert a pin (this can be any number you would like to be for example 1234)
  8. Once you have entered this in then you can click send this will send an email like this for example


Dear Test,


This is your personal invitation to register for our client portal. As a registered client with Wichita Therapy Center, the client portal will allow you to schedule your own appointments and send/receive secure emails and documents through TSecureMSg. Your client PIN number is 1234.. You can access the client portal via our website under the "Client Portal" tab, or at: To login, you will be instructed to enter your last name and DOB, along with your client PIN number. You will use the same client PIN number each time you log in.


You may also access the client portal on your mobile device by downloading the MyTherapist app; available on both Android or iTunes devices. MyTherapist is a free app that can be used to confirm/view upcoming appointments, communicate with your therapist using TSecureMsg, make payments to your account, view past payments, and join "Online Therapy" sessions. However, the scheduling of appointments can only be done through the client portal. Once the app is downloaded to your mobile device click on the app to enter your last name, DOB, and Client PIN number and you will be logged in.


Please contact our office with any questions

You can even send an assessment for the client to fill out your assessment inside the portal.


Here are the steps:
  1. Go to the Individual tab
  2. Click the assessments tab
  3. Off to the right of the client's name click add new
  4. Then you will get a drop down of choices (the most common is the Biopsychosocial or the Initial Intake Assessment)
  5. Once you have chosen the type then go to the save button at the bottom of the page and then go to the top of the screen and click generate once a code is in blue then click in the tab Send email, once you have done this then the client will be notified and they will login to the client portal and then they will have the ability to fill out the part of the assessment that pertains to the client not all parts of the assessment are viewable by the client.
  6. They will find this in the portal

Steps to send Terms and Policies\Conditions to the portal:

  1. Go to your calendar
  2. Select the Portal Settings button in the upper left
  3. Verify a check is present in Intake Paperwork
  4. Go to the Individual tab
  5. Go to the View clients tab
  6. Click on the client's name
  7. Select the T&C button in the upper right
  8. Select Send New T&C in the upper left.
  9. This can also be done on a yearly basis
    1. Go to Dashboard\Notifications
    2. Go to the Consent\Release paperwork tab
    3. Select Send T&C for the client under the Action column