Steps for updating diagnosis

Steps on how to update diagnosis codes inside Therasoft:


1)  Select Individual/View Clients

2)  Locate the client and click on their name (blue text) to open the client registration page

3)  Select the Diagnosis tab and enter the DX code or codes for this client. 

-Be sure to separate multiple codes with a comma only, no spaces - i.e. F43.1,F43.2,F43.3

4)  Select the Save in the middle of the screen

-The updated diagnosis will be applied from the date the change was made moving forward. 

-If the diagnosis should be updated on previous or already scheduled dates of service you will need to complete the following steps to update those sessions individually.

5)  Select Individual/Progress Notes

6)  Locate the client and click on their name (blue text)

7)  Scroll down to see a list of their session dates

8)  You can either type the diagnosis directly in the diagnosis box or you can click on the magnifying glass to use the look up

9)  Repeat for each date of service that should be changed

10)  Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to save changes

-If you see any Diagnosis fields that have codes with spaces or extra commas in them go ahead and correct them as well


Examples of incorrect formatting:

F43.1, F43.2, F43.3

F43.1 F43.2 F43.3


F43.1,F43.2,F43.3, (extra comma on the end)