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How To Enter A Client


Training Basics - How To Enter A Client


  • There are two ways to enter a new client

    • From the Calendar, Click ‘New Client’

    • From the Individual Tab, select the New Client Drop Down Box.

      • Click the ‘Add New’ button in green, at the bottom of the page

  • Either of those options will take you to a page with ‘PRIMARY CLIENT INFORMATION’ at the top.

    • This is the page that will store all of the client’s demographic information and insurance information.

    • All fields highlighted in Green will need to be filled out in the top box in order to register the client.

    • All fields highlighted in Green will need to be filled out in the second box in order for Insurance to be correctly billed.

      • Demonstrate entering a test client into the top of the page.

        • Additional Client information - if needed. (go over more later)

    • Now move on to ‘PRIMARY INSURED’

      • Same as client if using same address, etc..

      • Click the appropriate box - Insurance, Self Pay, etc.

        • By clicking these boxes, it will allow Therasoft to populate different other pages and reports (we will go over at a later time).

      • Be sure to look at the insurance card to see what name will be required here. There are times that it is the subscriber and there are other times when dependants have their own cards.

      • The Copay Box can be filled out at this time if you already know their benefits. By filling this out, it will populate on the calendar for easy access. If you do not know it at this time, you can add it at a later time, just skip for now.

    • Check the box beside ‘Secondary Information’ if the client has secondary insurance.

      • Repeat the steps we did for the primary insurance.

    • When everything is filled out, click the ‘Save and Register’ Button at the bottom of the screen.

  • You will now be taken to the Registration page for the client.

    • The top box will have basic demographic info in it, you can add a Nick Name if they preferred to go by something other than their legal name. Therasoft will store both and will bill the Legal name.

    • If you plan to send text or email reminders to this client, the you will need to check the appropriate boxes. Email/SMS

    • Click the ‘Save’ Button in the middle of the page.

    • Notice the blue buttons in the middle of the page.

      • View Insurance will take you to the client’s insurance page

        • Here you can edit insurance. If a client changes insurance, or updates, maybe a name change or possibly other information was entered incorrectly. Always hit the ‘Save’ Button at the bottom of the screen once you’ve entered any changes.

        • You can also add the copay on this screen (once you know what it will be) - it is not required though.

        • Let’s go back to the Registration Page

    • This page is very useful for admin

    • Let’s start with the features in the top box first.

      • There is a text box with a RED Flag, if you check this box, then the message you type in the text box beside it will appear on this client’s account on several pages in Therasoft. It will appear on the calendar, payments, insurance, etc.

        • This feature is usually utilized for things such as, needed in collect $$ or possibly a new insurance card.

    • The next box, in the middle of the page, has a set of tabs, we will go over 1 today, the Diagnosis

      • Click the Diagnosis Tab

        • Notice the (ICD9) and the (ICD10)

        • The magnifying glass next to each of those will assist you.

        • By filling in the DX here, it will allow it to populate throughout Therasoft. Remember to change it here should it ever change in the future.

        • Once you have updated this, click the ‘Save’ in the middle of the screen.

    • The final box on the screen has another set up tabs at the top. I’ll show you a few functions, you will want to go through these to see if any of them will pertain to your specific practice. I’m always happy to set time aside later to go over these in more detail with you in a one to one session.

      • The address tab will show you the address, phone numbers, email address, for the client - these are the fields that can be edited as clients need them updated as well as the fields that will populate throughout Therasoft on things such as billing statements and text/email reminders, etc.

        • Notice the radial buttons above - you can click on any of these to bring up a new tab to fill out.

          • These are all fairly self explanatory. Go over Emergency Contact and Billing Address

      • The family tab can be used for couples; so that you know who goes with who so to speak. It is also a good resource for parents - bio/step/grandparents (ROI on File?).

          • As you add family, they are stored and another blank comes up to add more.

      • Sliding Scale Tab - generally go over.

      • Counselor - If there are multiple in your practice, you should use this.

      • Documents - this is where you will upload any docs you want in a client’s file. You will type in the description what you wish to call it.

        • Once you have uploaded it, you cannot change the Description.

        • I would suggest being descriptive, give examples…

      • Demonstrate how to upload


    • The very top of the text boxes, notice the ‘setting’ button.

      • This button gives you the option of what tabs you would like on the page. Simply check the ones you want and uncheck those you do not.

      • This is specific to your login only. This will not set the rest of your groups’ settings.

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