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How to refund or void a credit card transaction Article rated 1.0/5.0
If within 24 hours (same day), you will void the transaction.  If more than 24 hrs (next day). you will refund the payment amount. 1. Go to the date of service on the calendar and click on the P butto...
Invalid Reference Error: Only transactions in the current batch can be voided Article not rated yet
This message will appear when the user is attempting to Void a transaction after the scheduled settlement time.  The default settlement time is usually set for 2 AM (Pacific time). However, you can re...
Billing, new credit card information Article not rated yet
If you are needing to update your billing for your monthly subscription to Therasoft here are the steps.   Login to Therasoft Go to the settings tab You will see a tab called Therasoft billing.   Here...
Testing your Credit Card Reader Article not rated yet
If you believe that you may be having issues with your Credit Card Reader, please do the following to check: 1) Unplug your CC Reader from your USB Port 2) Open up the Notepad in your Start Menu/Acces...
Merchant Account Application Article rated 1.0/5.0
OpenEdge Contact Info Article not rated yet
Behavioral Health & Credit Card-on-File Payments Article not rated yet
Behavioral Health & Card-on-File Payments
OpenEdge View (Merchant Portal) Article not rated yet
OpenEdge View is a secure, online reporting resource that serves as a central location for all OpenEdge merchants to process and track all types of payments. OpenEdge View offers easy access to locati...
Access your Merchant account statement online Article not rated yet
Did You Know   If you have a Global Payments merchant account you can access your statement online or gain access to
Chipper™ 2X BT Specifications Article rated 5.0/5.0
Therasoft Integrated Merchant Account Article not rated yet
OpenEdge Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Article not rated yet
OpenEdge FAQs